DUOTTS D66 3600W Electric Scooter

DUOTTS D66 3600W Electric Scooter


Until a few weeks ago, using a 500W scooter made me feel like a true king. Here, we have 1800W... x2! Dual motors of 1800W each, for a total of 3600W…


If you have seen my previous reviews, I have become a loyal user of the DUOTTS brand, and I recommend purchasing from the official website, especially for the customer support. Everything will arrive in a package with each part well sealed.

The package includes everything you need, along with additional screws and Allen keys. It comes with a saddle, a kit of brake pads that can be quickly replaced, and two 150W power adapters for double-speed charging.

Finally, by purchasing directly from the official website, you will receive a complimentary storage bag.



The only effort required is to install the handlebars and tighten the rear arrows. This indeed takes a very short time and is quite straightforward. You need to adjust and tighten the brake levers, throttle, onboard computer, according to your preferences, as well as the seat if you choose to install it.

The platform already has its structure pre-installed. If you are not interested (as in my case, where I prefer to use it in the traditional way), you can simply remove it (and reinstall it later), then thread it into the provided slots.

Check the tires, and you are ready to use it! Provided it has been fully charged...


Duotts D66:

Weighing a total of 40 kilograms, it is the heaviest and largest electric scooter I have ever tried. A true monster (in a good way), and you hardly feel its weight during use.

Constructed with an aluminum alloy frame, featuring a front dual suspension system (with a travel of about 10 centimeters) and a single rear suspension. Rough terrains are absolutely not a problem!

Equipped with 11-inch off-road tread tires, suitable for both off-road and on-road use. They can be inflated using the common valve found on bicycles. I appreciate the racing-style mudguards; the overall design is impeccable. Dyisland hydraulic disc brakes are highly efficient, with a prompt response.

The handlebars can be adjusted in height, lowered after folding, and can even be divided into two halves to reduce the overall volume. I have never seen such a clever design! Folding is quick and easy with a side lever and a safety lever near the platform.

The motor, or rather, the motors (front and rear), have a total power of 3600W! The power is truly excessive, but I can assure you that you will enjoy driving it safely. In the end, 80% of the time in everyday use is spent in ECO mode because such high power is not necessary for daily use (of course, it depends on the usage, unless it's in rural areas 😊).



Everything is managed by the onboard computer, with this 3-speed LCD display. On a sunny day, it may lose some visibility, but fortunately, the speed numbers are very large, and you will always be able to see them. Additional modes are activated by pressing the buttons near the right knob, such as activating the single or dual motor for front and rear traction. By default, the traction is always rear. Then there is the ECO mode that comes on slowly, reaching a maximum of 20 km/h.

With a single motor, there are 2 steps, reaching 40 and 50 km/h, respectively.

With a dual motor, all 3 steps are fully utilized, reaching 40 – 50 – 70 km/h. Obviously, the acceleration is greater, and these speeds are reached in half the time. On the left side of the handlebars, there are the battery volts, the key to turn it on, the horn, and the ON-OFF switch for the headlights. Not only is there excellent illumination at the front, but there are also other small lights on the platform (let's call them fog lights), both front and rear, along with colored LED strips on the sides.


User Experience:

Needless to say, this is a true power monster that can be "toned down" with the ECO mode, ensuring a smoother acceleration and limited speed.

Initially, getting used to the trigger throttle isn't easy, but it ensures a better grip on the handlebar, and now I prefer it to the traditional lever throttle.

Climbing hills is absolutely not a problem; a 45° slope is a piece of cake for this electric scooter, and the tires have excellent grip on any type of terrain. With this scooter, you can go anywhere without encountering the "problems" of traditional inflatable tires.

The maximum speed is around 70 km/h, and I recommend reaching these speeds only in safe conditions! I'm mentioning not only the maximum speed but also the acceleration because even with a single motor, it's already a missile. Using dual motors (which you rarely use) makes it difficult to control, and you need to hold on tight.

Especially during a standing start, for better acceleration and to avoid the front tire from slipping, you need to lean the weight forward. As you've seen in my tests, I conducted them on private roads with appropriate protections (video below).

The drivability is unquestionable, and the elevated weight with the central battery under the platform makes it balanced and easy to maneuver. When you're riding, you'll feel like a king, and the large, wide tires help a lot in maintaining balance.

As for battery life, it always depends on your usage. Trust me, over time and after the initial "tinkering," the ECO mode will be the most used (also because it maintains a smooth and gradual acceleration at 20 km/h). In any case, with traditional use, it covers a total of 60 km.

If the electric scooter is completely discharged, you can use two chargers, and it takes about 8 hours for a full charge.

In conclusion:

As I just mentioned, the power of this electric scooter can be easily restricted, but even at a distance of 1 kilometer, you will notice that it is not a traditional scooter; it has ample power!

If you are in search of a robust, stable, and stylish-looking scooter, then this model is well-suited for you, and you are sure to attract considerable attention!

--by youwin

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