Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy
Our warranty covers all new scooter/bike manufacturing defects for 1-year from the date of purchase. If it meets the maintenance standards, we will repair your electric scooter/bike and bear all related parts, costs, and labor costs. If you need repairs or the parts are not covered by our warranty, please let us know and we will try our best to help-usually we can diagnose the problem and send you paid replacement parts. If your scooter/bike needs to be returned for repair, we will work with you to minimize the cost and workload.

We will replace any parts deemed to have been damaged during shipping. Shipping damage must be reported to DUOTTS within 14 days of shipment arrival. This applies to all products including bikes and accessories. 

DUOTTS will request additional documentation (such as video) to assist with accurately diagnosing the problem and processing the warranty claim. Most warranty parts are fulfilled 1-10 business days after the request is put into our system by a customer service representative. Replacement parts will not be sent until evidence has been provided to DUOTTS. 

Warranty parts are sent using UPS First Class, FedEx Express, or DHL depending on the size of the part. Warranty parts will not be expedited.

Items including the chain, tires, wheels, tubes, battery handle, brake pads, cables and housing, grips, and spokes are considered wear items. These items wear down with normal use and are not covered under warranty. You are responsible for replacing and maintaining these worn items. Any unauthorized alterations or repairs are not covered and may avoid this warranty. For warranty services, please contact DUOTTS online support by email at suzy@duotts.com. Bikes or parts returned without proper documentation may result in delayed service or denied warranty coverage.

The following parts and damage are not covered by the warranty:

  • Consumables, such as brake pads, tires, inner tubes, and regular wear and tear of all parts.
  • Damage, malfunction, or performance problems caused by collisions, fires, accidents, environmental conditions (including acid rain, volcanic ash, sea salt, bird droppings, hail, or UV exposure), overloading, lack of daily maintenance and maintenance, and/or other reasons are not eligible for scooter/bike Misuse of the intended use.

The following events or activities will invalidate the warranty:

  • Exceeding weight and/or speed limit (see product description for your model limit)
  • Expose the electric scooter/bike or battery to an ambient temperature above 100°F or below 0°F for more than several hours at a time.
  • Expose the electric scooter/bike to floods, storms, hail, or other similar events
  • Immerse our electric scooter/bike in any liquid medium
  • Attempt to change the program of any electronic system
  • Improper battery maintenance (see manual)

Warranty Claiming Process

1. In order to claim the warranty, you need to provide visual (pictures and videos) evidence of the defects. Such evidence should be sent to our email suzy@duotts.com along with relevant text information.
2. If the customer service team ascertains that there is indeed a manufacturing defect, we will send you new replacement parts.
3. Replacement parts are provided only once during the warranty period.

Part Free Warranty
Motor 12 Months
Battery 12 Months
Charger 12 Months
Frame 12 Months
Controller 12 Months
Meter 12 Months
Headlight 12 Months
Front and Rear brakes 12 Months
Shock Absorber 12 Months
Accelerator 12 Months
Front fork 12 Months
Handlebar 12 Months
Pedal assistance Sensors 12 Months

 In addition, for D88/D99 scooters, we provide a lifetime warranty on the following parts (excluding the plastic parts)

Part Above 1 Year
Steering Arm Customer pays shipping&tax
Footrest Customer pays shipping&tax
Steering Column Customer pays shipping&tax
Battery Compartment Customer pays shipping&tax
Swingarm Customer pays shipping&tax
Folding Mechanism Customer pays shipping&tax
Stem Customer pays shipping&tax
Handlebar Customer pays shipping&tax


Accessories sold on www.duotts.com are not covered under warranty (except in cases of shipping damages). Stolen bikes are not covered under warranty.