DUOTTS Christmas Extravaganza, Riding into the New Year with Gifts Galore!

DUOTTS Christmas Extravaganza, Riding into the New Year with Gifts Galore!

As the footsteps of Christmas draw near, DUOTTS has meticulously prepared a spectacular electric bike feast for you! This Christmas season, we have charming discounts and a variety of colorful activities for you to participate in. Let's welcome a warm Christmas together and enjoy the joy of riding!

 Activity 1: DUOTTS Electric Bikes & Scooters - Up to €150 Off! 

To express our gratitude for your support throughout the year, DUOTTS has specially set generous discounts for electric bikes and scooters, with a maximum value of 150€! This is the perfect opportunity to make your riding dreams come true. Visit the DUOTTS official website now, choose your favorite model, and enjoy the savings to spend on even more delightful things.


Activity 2: Exclusive for New Users - Spin the Prize Wheel for Exciting Gifts!

DUOTTS welcomes new friends! Please register as a DUOTTS member now, enter your email to participate in our prize wheel activity, and stand a chance to win fantastic gifts, including a 50€ discount voucher, stylish helmet, anti-theft bike lock, waterproof bag, bright taillight, and more! Make your riding journey safer and more stylish with these exclusive prizes.


Activity 3: FACEBOOK Christmas Special - Win a Free C29 Bike! 

Follow DUOTTS on official FACEBOOK and join our Christmas activities for a chance to win exquisite gifts! The most anticipated reward is the DUOTTS C29 bike, with other surprises waiting for you. Share the joy, engage in the festivities, and be the first to experience the ultimate riding pleasure!

DUOTTS sincerely invites you to join our Christmas extravaganza and experience the charm of electric bikes. Not only can you enjoy unparalleled riding pleasure, but you can also receive generous discounts and gifts during this particular holiday season. Visit the DUOTTS official website now to participate in our activities and celebrate a warm Christmas with us!

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May DUOTTS accompany you through beautiful times!

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