Attention, Everyone! It’s Time for E-bike Camping

Attention, Everyone! It’s Time for E-bike Camping

As the summer months arrive, you may seek to escape home, explore natural scenery, and spend nights under the open sky. Camping provides the perfect means of doing so, and one camping style that has gained growing popularity is e-bike camping. The emerging trend of e-bike camping allows you to cover further ground each day while appreciating your surroundings at a leisurely pace.

Benefits of E-bike Camping

E-bike camping comes with several benefits. These include:

 1. Access to More Places

E-bikes allow traversing places restricted to non-motorized vehicles. This grants access to secluded backcountry sites, trails, etc., hidden from larger vehicles like RVs. You may have a more intimate experience with nature away from the noise and congestion of more accessible locations.

 2. An Opportunity to Exercise

Cycling keeps the body active and may also help lose weight through cardiovascular exercise. You can adjust your reliance on the electric assist or even completely switch to pedal power based on your preference, the terrain, and the specific goals of your trip.

 3. Less Physical Strain

The electric assist of an e-bike aids uphill climbs and longer rides to reduce body fatigue. This makes e-bike camping trips more comfortable than non-assisted cycling over multiple days.

 4. Convenient Stops

Any spot can become an impromptu campsite since you can stop more freely for camping or photography compared to cars or RVs limited to designated areas.

 5. Eco-Friendly Practice

E-bike camping leaves a much smaller environmental footprint than traveling by vehicle. It reduces carbon emissions and noise pollution. It’s a way to explore nature while preserving its beauty and tranquility.

DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike for E-bike Camping

DUOTTS is a top e bike brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality rides. The DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike is suited for multi-day e-bike camping trips with its reliable pedal assist and range of 80-100 km per charge. With a sturdy yet lightweight frame, this electric bike can carry riders and cargo over varied terrains.


Battery Range

Load Capacity

Ergonomic Design

Terrain Adaptability

The extended 80-100 km travel span allows traversing between multiple campsites on one charge. It provides enough juice for a full day of exploring.

Carrying up to 120 kg means hauling all necessary camping gear like tents, bags, cooking equipment, and extra supplies. Riders can pack essential gear for any scenario.

Features like the comfortably designed saddle, ergonomic half-twist throttle design, adjustable seat height, and durable yet lightweight pedals enhance comfort over long rides.

The SHIMANO 21-speed gears seamlessly match pace whilst traversing diverse environments like steep trails, sandy beaches, and gravel paths. The 29-inch tires of the C29 roll smoothly over any surface.


Our DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike comes with a reasonable price tag and now there’s a chance to get it at an even more attractive price. If you order before May 20th, you can save up to 200 euros on this dependable ride!

Tips on E-bike Camping

For a safe and enjoyable e-bike camping trip, some vital preparations are recommended. With careful forethought and packing the right supplies, you can fully relax into the experience of cycling and exploring nature. Here are some recommendations:

Pack Essential Camping Gear

Be sure to bring crucial items like a lightweight tent, warm sleeping bag, portable stove and fuel, food, water bottles, helmet, extra clothing, first aid kit, and multi-tool for repairs.

Plan Routes Ahead

Pick destinations within 80 km round trip to conserve battery charge. Scotland offers picturesque Highland scenery – Loch Lomond or Glen Coe works well. In Norway, Trysil has secluded forest sites near mountain vistas. Plan routes between your home and such spots beforehand.

Have Emergency Plans

Pack extra batteries or a portable charger. Consider wearing a tracking device or informing others of travel plans in case of issues. Storing important documents, ID, and emergency contacts on your phone is also recommended.


E-bike camping offers advantages over traditional car or RV camping through sustainable transportation, improved access to nature, and the ability for all fitness levels to experience the outdoors. At DUOTTS, we are committed to supplying reliable electric bicycles like the C29 for outdoor adventures. Visit our website to discover our complete range of e-bikes and accessories. Our best electric bikes aim to serve as dependable, eco-friendly partners no matter your camping destination.

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