DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter
DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter
DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter
DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter
DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter
DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter
DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter
DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter

DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter

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DUOTTS Electric Scooter Seat
DUOTTS Scooter Seat €60,00
DUOTTS Electric Scooter Bag
DUOTTS Electric Scooter Bag €49,00
Duotts Fender
Duotts D99 Fender €49,99
Black Helmet
60V 42Ah(D99)
D99 Tyre+wheel(Cannot be divided)
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Duotts D99

The King of Conquest

The all-new D99 Electric Skateboard – breaking boundaries with an astounding 6000 watts of raw power, exceptional dual-motor traction, and pinpoint control, allowing you to glide freely on the road. Powered by a massive 42AH high-capacity battery, it ensures extended endurance, granting you an impressive range of 120 kilometers for those extended rides. Enhanced by 13-inch vacuum tires, it offers superior grip, delivering a ride that's not only more stable but also remarkably comfortable. Choose D99, choose limitless possibilities.


Powerful Motor

100-120 KM

Extended Range

72 Nm

Max Torque

60V 42AH

Duotts Battery

25 KM/H

Top Speed

150 KG

Max Load

0 W

Intelligent Motor

The high-speed continuous 3000W*2 brushless geared hub motor, which gives you a maximum power and be unstoppable on bad terrains. We offer you an unprecedented driving pleasure, making every ride easy and comfortable.

  • 3000W*2
    Motor Power

Extreme Power

D99 e-scooter engine upgraded, power further enhanced, let the limit of speed become your new starting point.

Smooth Ride

13-inch pneumatic tires, perfectly matched to the road surface. As stable as a mountain, confidently maneuvering through various terrains.

Product Details

  • Hall Brushless Motor:   60V 3000W*2
  • Maximum Load:   150kg
  • Motor brand:  JYS
  • Suitable Height:   150-200cm
  • Battery:   60V 42Ah battery (Duotts battery, ND37 or 21700 cells)
  • Range:  100-120km
  • Controller:   60V 45A JB Sine Wave controller
  • Climbing Angle:   55°
  • Maximum Speed:   25km/h(Legally required in the Eu)
  • Material:   Aluminum alloy frame
  • Certificates:  CE
  • Working Temperature:   0~40℃
  • Water Resistance:  IPX4
  • Storage Temperature:   -10~40℃
  • Charging Time:   8-10 hours
  • Brake:   DYISLAND Hydraulic Disc brake
  • Display:  3-speed multifunction LCD color display
  • Disc Diameter:  140mm
  • Throttle:   Thumb Throttle
  • Tire:  13 inch road tubeless tires (13*5.00-6.5)
  • Absorber:   Front absorber 1500 lb*2, Rear absorber 1500lb*1
  • Light System:  Front and brake light, turning signal light
  • Front Fork Travel:  100mm
  • Fenders:  Front and rear fenders
  • Seat Tube:  Aluminum alloy
  • Motor Magnet:  50mm
  • Foldable Body:  YES
  • Size of D99 battery:  33.5*21.9*9.8 cm,13kg
  • Unfolded Dimensions:  132*63.5*120-140cm
  • Charger:  67.2V 2A (Input 110V-240V)
  • Folded Dimensions:  135*63.5*60cm
  • Net Weight:  57.3kg
  • Package Size:  143*36*61cm
  • Gross Weight:  60.7kg
  • Foldable Handlebars:  NO
  • Adjustable Saddle:  YES
  • Handlebar Length:  63.5cm
  • Saddle Height:  76-89cm
  • Adjustable Height:  120-140cm

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Los Angeles, CA

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

★★★★★Nov 2, 2022

Los Angeles, CA

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

★★★★★Nov 2, 2022

Los Angeles, CA

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

★★★★★Nov 2, 2022

Los Angeles, CA

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

★★★★★Nov 2, 2022

Los Angeles, CA

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

★★★★★Nov 2, 2022

color display

DUOTTS e-scooter, paired with the upgraded D99 color screen, bring you a brand-new riding experience. Easily grasp every bit of information from speed to mileage with the intuitive interface.


Color display, enhances user experience. Easily monitor real-time information, both aesthetically pleasing and multifunctional. Provides convenience, safety, and a more enjoyable riding experience.


Single-drive mode is energy-efficient and budget-friendly, while dual-drive mode offers greater power and enhanced maneuverability for tackling complex terrains. The seamless switch between single and dual-drive modes provides a distinctive riding experience.

Footrest Design

Spacious design, the shape and angle of the footrest are meticulously crafted to provide ample foot space and stability.

Vibrant frame

The D99 e-scooter, from its sturdy aluminum alloy frame to its vibrant colorful lights, takes you into a whole new realm of riding, enhancing your skateboarding experience with more fun and personality.

Front and rear sping shock absorber

The D99 e-scooter is equipped with front and rear spring shock absorption systems, enhancing stability during your ride. These systems absorb vibrations, balance the board, and provide a heightened sense of stability.


DUOTTS e-scooter, equipped with DYISLAND hydraulic disc brakes, offer exceptional braking performance, bringing you unprecedented braking power and control. Turn every ride into a safe and exhilarating experience.

Distinctive Footboard

Unique design, unleash personality. Choose D99, opt for the distinctly personalized wide footboard design and the vibrant multicolored light system, breaking free from the confines of daytime skating. Express your individuality, illuminate the night.


Break through limits with an unparalleled 6000-watt powerhouse, exceptional dual-motor traction, and precise control. Experience unobstructed cruising on the road like never before.

Product Reviews

What’s Inside The Box



No.4 Hex Key

No.5 Hex Key

Phillips Head Screwdriver

No.10&12 Wrench

No.13&15 Wrench




Scooter Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
duotts D99

sunt foarte multumit de trotineta electrica DUOTTS D99 Recomand acest produs acord 5 stele pentrucalitate si promtitudine .!!!

The best scooter

Excelent quality materials, prompt delivery and very serios company, buy it direct from this website, 5/5 stars

Great and very powerful scooter

I have mostly positive things to say about the scooter: it's very powerful, handles well once you get used to it and of course it's very fast (too fast if you are a beginner, so you should keep it in gear 1 until you get used to the speed). The only minor problem is that the blinkers (turn signals) aren't visible enough (too small/too faint), so I've installed additional ones, and it would also be a good idea to have a side mirror included in the package (I've installed my own).
The scooter is also very large compared to most other scooters that are less powerful (for example, my old one looks like a children's toy compared to this one, even though it's a proper 600W e-scooter), so it's shocking when you first see it fully assembled, it's also much too heavy to be able to put it in the trunk of a car or get it up a flight of stairs - it's a real beast of a scooter. Other than that, it's a great machine, and I would definitely recommend it to experienced riders.

Rashid Alshamari

DUOTTS D99 Electric Scooter

Ivo Moreira

Estou muito feliz maravilhoso boa trotinete exelente

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