Electric Scooter

    OOTD scooter with unique patented shock absorption technology, more smooth acceleration experience, more stable braking system, giving you a more advanced driving experience.

    The Knight's Best Choice.


    An outstanding electric skateboard, with beast-like power performance, conquering various terrains.

    Equipped with a total of 5600W motors in the front and rear, providing exceptional power and climbing capability, like a tiger navigating through the forest, a deer crossing rugged terrain. Perfect for explorers, the 35Ah battery offers extended range for your journeys. Front and rear spring shock absorbers ensure safety during extreme challenges. Choose D88, choose a ride that's as wild as a beast.


    The king of riders that emerges out of nowhere, the conqueror king, stronger, faster, and more fierce than ever before.

    Equipped with a 6000W motor and a 40AH battery, it creates an unparalleled power system. The 13-inch city off-road tires possess remarkable hardness and structure, providing excellent support and suspension for riding, while also featuring puncture and explosion resistance to ensure a stable ride. With overall dimensions of 136*65*141cm, it is suitable for heights ranging from 130cm to 200cm, catering to riders of various body types. Choose the D99 and embark on your journey.