DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike
DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike
DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike
DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike
DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike
DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike
DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike
DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike

DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike

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  • Shipped from Polish warehouse
  • Delivered in 3-7 working days
Duotts C29 Fender
C29 Hydraulic Brake:Complete set
Duotts Taillight
Cable Lock
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  • Our warranty covers all new scooter/bike manufacturing defects for 1-year from the date of purchase. If it meets the maintenance standards, we will repair your electric scooter/bike and bear all related parts, costs and labor costs. If you need repairs or the parts are not covered by our warranty, please let us know and we will try our best to help-usually we can diagnose the problem and send you paid replacement parts. If your scooter/bike needs to be returned for repair, we will work with you to minimize the cost and workload.
  • We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days from the date of receiving the product to apply for a return.
  • If the product affects the normal use of the bike or scooter within the return period, we will accept the return and issue a refund; if there is a minor defect, we will offer appropriate compensation and provide replacement parts.
  • Duotts does not cover the customer's return shipping cost.
  • We provide free delivery service for electric bicycles, and all taxes and fees are covered by Duotts. Our bicycles/scooters will be shipped from our warehouse in Poland, typically within 1-2 business days (excluding pre-orders). The delivery time is estimated to be 3-7 business days, depending on your location. Please note that accessories and parts are not included.

Duotts C29

Sleek Commuter E-Bike

Duotts C29 750W commuter ebike features a sleek 15 AH battery for long-lasting endurance on a single charge. As high-quality and cheap e-bikes for sale, Duotts C29 offers our customers outstanding performance. With the SHIMANO 21-speed gear system, you can find the perfect riding mode for any terrain, ensuring optimal comfort and speed throughout your journey. This lightweight electric bike has 29*2.1inch inflatable tires, offering exceptional traction and stability whether commuting daily or embarking on weekend adventures. The Duotts C29 is your ultimate choice for reliability and performance.

750 W

Powerful Motor

80-100 KM

Extended Range


Max Torque

48V 15AH

Duotts Battery

25 KM/H

Top Speed

120 KG

Max Load

0 W

Intelligent Motor

With its high-speed continuous 750W brushless geared hub motor delivering 65 Nm of maximum torque, the Duotts C29 commuter ebike ensures maximum power and unstoppable performance on challenging terrains. Experience unparalleled driving pleasure with every ride, as our lightweight electric bike makes traversing any terrain easy and comfortable.

  • 750W
    Motor Power
  • 65Nm
    Max Motor Torque

Experience Effortless Riding

From city streets to mountain trails, our high-quality and cheap e-bikes for sale C29 has a 750W electric assist system that ensures every ride is effortless and comfortable, offering seamless traversal of diverse terrains with unparalleled ease and enjoyment.

Seamless Terrain Transition

With the SHIMANO 21-speed gear system, Duotts commuter ebike C29 effortlessly switch between optimal riding modes for any terrain, from mountain biking adventures to urban cruising.

Product Details

  • Hall Brushless Motor: 48V 750W
  • Maximum Load: 120kg
  • Motor Brand: GT
  • Suitable Height: 170-200cm
  • Battery: 48V 15Ah(East Magnetic 21700)
  • Riding Modes: Pure electronic mode, pedal assisted mode, riding mode
  • Controller: 48V 20A Jing Hui Sine Wave controller
  • Climbing Angle: 30°
  • Maximum Speed: 25km/h(Legally required in the Eu)
  • Material: Aluminum alloy frame
  • Pure Electronic Mode Range: 50-60km
  • Working Temperature: 0~40℃
  • Pedal Assisted Mode Range: 80-100km
  • Storage Temperature: -10~40℃
  • Charging Time: 6-8 hours
  • Brake: DYISLAND Disc brake
  • Display: 5-speed multifunction display
  • Absorber: Front sping shock absorber (not adjustable)
  • Throttle: 158DX Electric Half-twist Throttle
  • Rear Aborber: NO
  • Transmission: Shimano 21 speed
  • Adjustable Saddle: YES
  • Sensor: Pedal Assist Sensor
  • Front Light: YES
  • Tire: 29*2.1 inflatable tires
  • Rear Light: Standard taillight
  • Rear rack: Option
  • Fenders: Front and rear fenders
  • Motor Magnet: 40mm
  • Product Size: 184*71.5*113cm
  • Size of C29 Battery: 36.5*9*11cm,4kg
  • Package Size: 142*24*79cm
  • Charger: 54.6V 2A (Input 110V-240V)
  • Handlebar Length: 71cm
  • Disc Diameter: 160mm
  • Saddle Height: 89-100cm
  • Front Fork Travel: 100cm
  • Net Weight: 26.5kg
  • Foldable Body: NO
  • Gross Weight: 31kg
  • Certificates: CE
  • Water Resistance: IPX4
  • A -- 78.0
  • A -- 78.0
  • A -- 78.0
  • A -- 78.0
  • A -- 78.0
  • A -- 78.0
  • A -- 78.0


Stay empowered on the go with our crystal-clear dashboard, meticulously capturing every kilometer,battery range and speed detail. Elevate your riding experience to new heights.


Experience unmatched nighttime visibility with C29! Equipped with a high-luminosity spotlight, it shines 20% brighter than conventional LED lights. Ride confidently into the night, knowing C29 prioritizes your safety.


Transform your riding experience with the 158DX Electric Half-twist Throttle! Designed for riders who crave precision and instant power delivery, this throttle ensures an immediate response at your fingertips. Its ergonomic half-twist design guarantees smooth acceleration transitions, giving you complete control over your journey's pace.Command power, embrace speed!

Lightweight and agile pedals.

Unleash a dynamic riding experience with our ultra-lightweight and agile pedals.. Crafted for optimum performance, they promise effortless transitions and nimble movements, ensuring every ride feels smooth and responsive. Step on, and let your journey be as breezy as our pedals!


C29 Electric Bike, powered by a robust 15AH battery, provides enduring energy for your urban adventures. In pure electric mode, enjoy a range of 50-60km; with excellent pedal-assist mode, cover distances of 80-100km – the perfect companion for both commuting and leisure rides. Stylish, eco-friendly, and high-performance, the C29 Electric Bike opens the door to a new life of electric cycling!

Comfortable saddle with adjustable height

Step into unparalleled comfort with our specially designed seat. Not only is it plush and ergonomically crafted, but its adjustable height ensures a perfect fit for every rider. A fusion of luxury and flexibility, tailored just for you!

Shimano 21-speed gear shift system

Gear up for an unmatched riding experience! Our bike boasts a rear wheel equipped with Shimano's advanced 7-speed gearing, complemented by a 3-speed setup on the front. With a total of 21 gear combinations at your fingertips, you're primed to adapt flawlessly to every terrain and riding condition. Ride with confidence, versatility, and the power of precision!

29*2.1 inflatable tires

The 29-inch diameter not only ensures a larger contact surface with the ground but also offers smoother transitions over obstacles. Compared to smaller sizes, our 29-inch tires roll faster, maintain momentum better, and provide a more stable ride. Whether you're navigating through city streets or rugged trails, experience enhanced performance, stability, and comfort that only our 29-inch tires can offer. Elevate your ride and feel the difference!

750W Hall brushless motor

Beyond sheer power, this cutting-edge motor delivers peak efficiency, seamlessly marrying speed with silence. Enjoy the raw acceleration, minus the mechanical noise and maintenance headaches. With enhanced longevity and reduced friction, it's the heart of a machine built for the road warriors of today.

What’s Inside The Box



No.4 Hex Key

No.5 Hex Key

Phillips Head Screwdriver

No.10&12 Wrench

No.13&15 Wrench




Bicycle Pedals


Bike Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Mark Wilson
Awesome...but room for improvement

Suzy and Amy are fantastic for quick replies to questions....I love the bike and it has loads of extra really cool features....in the power department this bike kicks ass....hills are no problem...the bike came with lots of packaging and was well secured....negatives....the assembly manual pictures are small and offer no help so watching a YouTube video is a must....I received some parts that I have no idea what their for or how to install....the bike came with a throttle that is not mentioned anywhere....the manual makes no mention of product registration....I assume the bike is registered as I bought from DUOTTS directly....the gear shift on the left handle bar needs to be way more precise....its clumsy and not a very positive shift....this needs a redesign....these are all minor points but, in my opinion this bike is absolutely fantastic and the customer service is amazing...

Gheorghe Balan
Excellent bike

The delivery was quick and everything was as expected. The bicycle is sturdy and nimble. For the price it’s a good deal even for a regular mountain bike.

Lars Sørensen
Very good price performance ratio with some flaws

The bike itself is a pleasure to ride - strong engine, the bike computer is easy to use and the bike is well build.
The reason I could not give full points is due to the documentation:
Assembling this bike using the manual is not that easy as all the drawings are extremely small - it would have been much better to store a full manual on the web and have people download it with large pictures. Also there is no mentioning of their App which is actually very handy and usefull - they do not go into details on how to use the bike computer and also the right throttle is mentioned nowhere.
It would be great if they offered the bike in two versions: One with the current disk brakes and one with the stronger brakes as the bike is very fast and strong and could need some better brakes if used at full power.
My last complaint is about their support: I asked a question while assembling the bike and never received an answer.

miguel del pozo
Bateria Perforada, Programacion del controlador no modificable.

Compre 2 bicicletas para mi hija, una me llego con una batería perforada, y con fallos de Voltaje, dicen que repondrán en un mes y medio, pido mail confirmando, pero solo te comentan por Whatsapp. Los controladores de limitación de velocidad no funcionan, no se puede modificar los parámetros de los mismos, según indican, es por decisión de los ingenieros, para que los clientes no cambien los parámetros y estropeen la bicicleta , ¿Para que montan controladores de la bicicleta que no se pueden programar?.
Como "Detalle" por las molestias, me enviaran nuevos programadores sin "Bloquear". el servicio técnico no resuelve, solo da largas, no dan documentación de lo que van a hacer, solo hacen promesas por whatsapp.
¡¡Suerte con la compra!!

Valiant Boisclair

Il est très très super vélo.

Éric Chalut

Nice Bike

The absolute king of bikes

The best you can get for your money, efficient, fast and affordable, and fast delivery to your door for the price for the price mmm I really recommend it

Duotts C29 review


I received two days ago my Duotts C29 bike, package was in very good condition. Everything is working great after setting up the bike, except one problem. I lowered the maximum speed from P08 at 25km/h, but the speed limit its not working, neither in pedal assist or throttle. In assist 1 , the speed is 22km/h, in assist level 2 speed is 30km/h, level 3 is 38km/h and so on. I sent yesterday an email to Duotts to ask for advice on this issue, and still waiting for an answer.
Marius Ciungan

Muhammad Kamran
Duotts C29

Amazing Electric Bike i Love to drive. I recommend try once Duotts c28 bike.

Victor Beaudry

The exterior lines of this electric bike are sleek, which is more suitable for urban and road surfaces

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