Let's write the story of Duotts with you.

Let's write the story of Duotts with you.

Capture the moment, cherish the beauty. Let's write the story of Duotts with you.

A person's life is filled with many beautiful moments that happen unexpectedly, adding color to our ordinary days and making our lives exciting and meaningful. Looking back, have you ever had many beautiful moments that have gradually faded into memories?

Duotts is very fortunate to have you. The moment you chose us, our relationship became closer. With Duotts by your side, your life has become richer. Show us your most wonderful moments with us, let us remember and showcase them, and let us move forward hand in hand in the days to come.

Leave your mark in Duotts' history of growth.Share your beautiful photos and win €70!

Participation methods are as follows:

Social Media Sharing

Share Photos: Share photos showcasing you with your electric bike/scooter on your favorite social media platform.

Tag Duotts Official Account: Tag the Duotts official account in your social media post so they can see your entry.
Use the Hashtag: Use the #DUOTTSPHO hashtag to make it easier for them to find your photos.
      Ensure your social media posts are public so that others can also see them. Once you have shared the photos and followed the above steps, you have successfully participated in the photo contest.

      Email Submission

      Photo Preparation: High-resolution, high-quality photography, file format is unrestricted.

      Compose the Email: Open your email client or webmail, create an email, and in the 'To' field, enter the submission email
      Attach the Photos: Attach your photos to the email.
      Subject and Body:In the email subject, clearly state your submission intent, for example, 'Email Submission - Duotts Photo Contest.' In the body of the email, provide a brief introduction of your photos, including the shooting background, theme, or story.
      Send the Email: Finally, send the email to the specified submission Ensure you haven't missed any information or attachments when sending the email.
      Confirmation Receipt: Once the email is sent, ensure you receive a confirmation receipt. This helps prove that your submission has been successfully made."
      Finally:Await notification or the announcement of results. If your photos are selected, we will get in touch with you, and with your authorization, your photos will be used on our official platforms.

      Submission Email:

      We will select the most impressive photos from all participants and get in touch with the chosen winners. If your photo is selected, we will send you an agreement to obtain your authorization to use your photo on our official platforms and reward you with €70 per selected photo.

       I am very pleased to invite you, to participate in our photo contest. If you have any questions, please contact the official event email at: Best of luck! 

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