DUOTTS C29 e-bike: Experience the New Style of Future Transportation

DUOTTS C29 e-bike: Experience the New Style of Future Transportation

Bicycles, as eco-friendly and convenient means of transportation, have always been cherished by people. However, with the advancement of technology, e-bikes, as the new era's transportation tool, are gradually becoming the new favorite of urban life. DUOTTS C29 e-bike, with its outstanding performance and quality, has caught the attention of many cycling enthusiasts. This article will delve into the specifications and features of the DUOTTS C29 e-bike, as well as user reviews, to help you understand why this bicycle is so beloved.



The C29's exterior primarily features black with blue accents, creating an overall cool color scheme. The combination of the mysterious and steady black with the tranquil and rational blue gives the C29's overall appearance a sense of quietude without feeling oppressive.

The aluminum alloy forged frame, equipped with front suspension forks, weighs only 29kg due to its lightweight design. This design choice combines high strength with corrosion resistance. Paired with 29*2.1 inflatable tires, the relatively large wheel diameter and moderate width contribute to a slender and tall appearance, enhancing the bike's agility and elegance. The tire tread, compared to fat tires, is more detailed, emphasizing speed and stability, providing better comfort for riding.


Moving to the power system

It consists of a motor, battery pack, controller, transmission system, display screen, and control panel.

It utilizes an efficient 48V 750W Hall brushless motor, delivering robust power that not only enables faster speeds but also boasts exceptional climbing performance.


Featuring a detachable 48V 15AH battery, with a charger of 54.6V 2A, the charging time takes approximately 6-8 hours. In pure electric mode, it can reach a distance of 40-50 kilometers, while in assisted mode, it effortlessly achieves a riding range of 70-80 kilometers.


The sine wave controller regulates the speed and direction of the motor by generating a current similar to a sine wave. Compared to other types of controllers, the sine wave controller produces a smoother current output, which helps to reduce noise and vibration during motor operation. This smooth current output aids in improving the efficiency of the e-bike, making it more suitable for both urban commuting and long-distance riding, as it reduces battery consumption and motor wear.


5-speed multifunctional display: speed display, battery level display, riding mode display, mileage display, and fault diagnosis prompts. Through these features, riders can comprehensively understand the performance and riding status of the e-bike, thereby enhancing riding safety and comfort.


 Efficient gear-shifting system: Equipped with a Shimano 21-speed gearbox, riding becomes effortless, adapting easily to various road conditions.

Outstanding braking system: The DYISLAND disc brakes offer reliable braking performance, ensuring a safe riding experience.

Humanized design and comfortable experience:

Adjustable seat: The DUOTTS C29 is equipped with an adjustable seat, suitable for riders of different heights, ensuring riding comfort.

Front light and fenders: The e-bike is equipped with front lights and front and rear fenders, enhancing safety during night rides while keeping the body clean.


The power of user reviews.

  1. Excellent bike to love cycling again!!Excellent quality bike... Easy to assemble.. Power when and where you need it.. I tried it on dirt roads and runs perfectly.. I'm "swallowing" kms and enjoying every minute of it”---by customer
  2. "Super rower!Zamówiony rower dotarł nieuszkodzony. Wszystko ok. Zamówiłem dodatkowo hamulce hydrauliczne za 69e. Taki rower musi mieć dobre hamulce. Super zabawa. Jestem zadowolony" ---by Tomasz Kaczynski
  3. "Great bike for cheap money!I have the bike for a few weeks in use and am impressed! For the unbeatable price, the bike is really perfect and equipped with good components. The assembly was very easy to do and all components were included in the package. The drive is great and has a lot of power and in addition, the battery also really holds out 50 km in a fully electric ride. The saddle is really very comfortable for a mountain bike.The overall quality fits so far and the design is also very appealing. All in all, I recommend the bike without limitation! "---by customer

The DUOTTS C29 e-bike not only boasts outstanding performance and design but also ensures reliable quality at a reasonable price, providing consumers with a high-quality cycling option. Its comfort and stability make long rides enjoyable, while its efficient battery system guarantees dependable endurance. For consumers who seek a high-quality, high-performance cycling experience, the DUOTTS C29 is undoubtedly an exceptional choice.

Are you ready? Let's stride together toward a greener future of travel!