The Best Winter Cycling Routes and Riding Destinations in Europe

The Best Winter Cycling Routes and Riding Destinations in Europe

Are you feeling bummed about the limited outdoor activities this chilly winter? Are you worried about picking an electric bike suitable for winter cycling? Fret not! Even with the onset of cold winters across Europe, you can still indulge in the thrill and excitement of cycling. You can revel in breathtaking winter cycling routes by opting for the right e-bike and gear. In this guide, we will uncover the top European cycling destinations in winter and present your ideal partner for winter adventures - DUOTTS electric bikes.

Best Winter Cycling Routes in Europe

  • Scandinavian Winter Wonderland

Scandinavia is a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe, consisting of countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. During the winter season, these countries transform into a magical wonderland characterised by snow-covered landscapes, frozen lakes, dense forests, and stunning fjords. This winter wonderland attracts travellers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking the beauty and tranquillity of the Nordic landscape during the colder months.

      1. Norway

The fjords surrounding Bergen in western Norway offer the best cycle trails along coastal roads. The Lysefjord area has roads winding past sheer mountain walls plunging into the fjords. Further north, near Ålesund, ride through islands and peninsulas with views over the Storfjorden.

      2. Sweden

Northern Sweden has vast forested areas perfect for cross-country cycling adventures. The Kungsleden Trail through the Abisko National Park features hundreds of kilometres of wilderness cycling among snowy birch forests. Cycling the 100km

Wilderness Cycle Path from Jarpen to Ammarnäs takes you past mountains, frozen rivers and traditional Sámi settlements.

     3. Finland

In Finnish Lapland, cycle on some of the 190,000 lakes when they freeze over in winter. Päijänne National Park has a beautiful bike trail tucked between frozen lakes and thick pine forests. Further north, Rovaniemi and Saariselkä are the best winter cycling spots for enjoying Lapland's wintry landscapes.


Of course, to traverse these beautiful Nordic countries, you need to equip yourself with high-performance cycling gear. The DUOTTS F26 E-bike is ideal for the Nordic winter with its 26*4.0 inch fat tires that grip slippery surfaces and provide stability in the snow. The high-performance DYISLAND hydraulic brakes ensure you can stop quickly and steadily on icy downhill sections. Moreover, the LCD lets you monitor speed and other ride data to adapt to the variable winter terrain and conditions.

  • Winter Adventures in the Alps

The diverse and ever-changing landscapes of the Alpine region provide cyclists with unique and thrilling challenges, making it an ideal destination for winter outdoor activities. Here are more details on recommended winter cycling routes in the Alps:

     1. Lucerne-Brienz-Interlaken Loop, Switzerland

This loop starts from Lucerne, cycling along Lake Lucerne before ascending into mountain scenery at Brienz. It passes quaint villages with Alpine chalets and farms. You'll then descend towards Interlaken and ride between the tranquil lakes of Thun and Brienz, surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

     2. Cycling in and aroundBellagio, Italy

The area between Como and Bellagio in Northern Italy features winding roads with spectacular mountain vistas. The countryside around Bellagio offers hilly routes among ancient hamlets. Cycling between Bellagio, Tremezzo and other lake towns also makes for idyllic winter riding with lake views.

     3. Inn River Valley Bike Path, Austria

This 40km path follows the Inn River, descending from its headwaters in the Alps through quaint Austrian mountain villages. It passes traditional villages like Prutz, Landeck and Pfunds, with options to detour and explore. The grade is gentle downhill along the Inn River, making for a relaxing ride.

If you're looking to select the right cycling gear, the DUOTTS S26 E-bike will undoubtedly offer you a distinctive experience. With its dual 750W motors and a 55-degree high climbing angle, it effortlessly navigates complex terrains and conquers Alpine slopes. Dual shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride on rugged mountain trails. Additionally, its high-capacity 48V LG battery ensures ample power for your long rides through the Alps.

  • Coastal Winter Escapes  

The winter climate along the Mediterranean coast is pleasantly warm, bathed in abundant sunshine, providing cyclists with a comfortable ambience. The coastal scenery and charming local culture along the way add to the allure. Here are some recommended winter cycling routes along the Mediterranean coast:

      1. Valencia Coast, Spain

The coastline stretching south from Valencia has a dedicated cycling path separate from traffic. Ride south through vibrant beach towns like El Saler, Albufera and Cullera. Further south, the historic port town of Gandia also makes for a picturesque cycling stop.

      2. Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini's cliffside villages and volcanic beaches lend to unforgettable cycling backdrops. Ride from the capital, Fira, to the black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa. Cycling Santorini's hilly interior brings you through vineyards and ruins with panoramic sea views.

      3. Nice to Monte Carlo, France

This cycling route along the Côte d'Azur is truly iconic. Begin in Nice, riding along the Promenade des Anglais past its beaches and belle époque architecture. The trail then winds through coastal forests and cliffs before opening up to Monte Carlo's high-rise glamour. The mild climate makes the French Riviera ideal for winter cycling and sightseeing.

The DUOTTS C29 E-bike is the perfect choice for riding on these recommended routes. Equipped with a 750W motor, it complements coastal terrains, assisting you in tackling any winter weather. Whether cycling on the beach or navigating mountain trails, the 21-speed Shimano transmission system adapts seamlessly. Furthermore, the electric bike, crafted from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium alloy, is easily portable for cycling adventures in various locations.

Winter Riding Tips

In addition to planning your cycling routes, proper preparation before riding is crucial. The following five cycling tips can help you maximise your winter outdoor cycling experience.

- Stay energised with high-protein snacks and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in the drier winter air.

- Warm up muscles beforehand with dynamic stretches to prevent injuries.

- Ride with a group for camaraderie and safety in case of an emergency.

- Use bike lights and wear reflective gear to stay visible.

- Dress in breathable, waterproof layers to prevent overheating and cold from the elements.

In conclusion, the winter season in Europe unveils a captivating canvas of snow-covered landscapes, offering cycling enthusiasts a unique and exhilarating experience. From the Nordic wonders of Scandinavia to the majestic Alps and the sun-soaked Mediterranean coast, each route promises adventure amidst breathtaking scenery.

To elevate this winter adventure, consider choosing a reliable companion like DUOTTS E-bikes. Whether conquering snowy trails, tackling Alpine slopes, or cruising along coastal routes, DUOTTS E-bikes ensure a smooth and reliable ride.

Take the leap, choose DUOTTS, and let every winter ride be a memorable journey through nature's wonders!


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