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Connect with DUOTTS

Turn on Bluetooth, turn on your bike, scan to search for your bike, connect to ride, and start your adventure with DUOTTS

Everything about your trip

Riding data is at your fingertips, and you can control gears with one click and ride more intelligently.

DUOTTS riding community

All Duotts app users can post in the community to share their rides. The leaderboard keeps track of your rankings for each ride, allowing you to compete with fellow cycling enthusiasts. Share your experiences, connect with others, and let Duotts record every great ride you take.


Duotts E-bike Connected

Since April, all bicycles have been equipped with APP functions, which can be connected to the APP to control real-time data in real time and have community functions to share rides and connect every cycling enthusiast.

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Smart riding

Connect to the vehicle, enter the vehicle status interface, and learn about riding speed, mileage, battery power and other data in real time while riding.

Duotts App help centre

  • Enjoy a more convenient, personalized experience that lets you get the most out of your Duotts bike. The app provides real-time riding data and records your every ride. You can also share your rides with fellow cyclists like you through the community

    You can:
  • On the main interface, learn about your riding data and vehicle information in real-time
  • Record every ride you take, participate in the riding rankings of all duotts cyclists, challenge yourself and others
  • In the community, share your life, share your ride. Cycling on a beautiful journey with everyone.

  • But that’s not all. We're at the beginning of an ambitious development roadmap that will see a wide range of new features added over the coming months and years.
  • The app is primarily designed for people who own DUOTTS bikes, but anyone can download and use it. However, a DUOTTS account is required to use most of the app’s features, and also some features may not be available unless you have a DUOTTS bike registered in your account.
  • Duo takes data protection extremely seriously and has implemented various security measures to protect your data. The app uses encryption to protect your data and complies with all relevant data protection legislation. For more information, please refer to the Duotts App privacy policy.