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Revamped and Ready: An In-Depth Look at the Upgraded DUOTTS C29

Revamped and Ready: An In-Depth Look at the Upgraded DUOTTS C29

The DUOTTS C29 electric bike has been a top choice in the market since its launch due to its great features and reliable performance. Now, this popular model has been upgraded with even more enhanced capabilities. Equipped with new components and the latest technology, the revamped C29 is set to take electric cycling to new heights. The upgraded model introduces advanced innovations while retaining what riders loved about the original – offering an unbeatable electric riding experience at an affordable price.

DUOTTS C29 Electric Bike: Original vs. New

The original C29 was popular for its powerful 750W motor that provided an extensive 80-100km riding range on a single charge. Its SHIMANO 21-speed gear system allowed seamless gear transitions for any terrain. The upgraded DUOTTS C29 retains these key aspects and brings some additional improvements. The following aspects highlight what has been upgraded and enhanced.


Original: Its multifunction screen displayed essentials like speed and riding mode.

New: Upgraded with vivid colors that pop whether in daylight or shadows, allowing riders to always be aware of crucial riding details like range and speed. The integrated Bluetooth connection further elevates the riding experience.

Battery, Controller

Original: The robust 15Ah battery delivered dependable performance ride after ride. Its large capacity enabled uninterrupted transportation from dawn to dusk.

New: The revamped design exhibits a sleeker battery design with clear metal labeling. Its integrated controller into the battery base achieves an elegant look and streamlined, concise form for simplified styling.


Original: Crafted with plush padding and an adjustable sitting range, this ergonomic seat provided comfort through extended excursions.

New: By creating interior ventilation channels, this upgraded seat stays cool for hot days. Its hollow structure also improves airflow to prevent overheating during lengthy rides while maintaining luxurious plushness and comfort.

Rear Shelf

Original: The original DUOTTS C29 offered a sturdy rear shelf.

New: This upgraded model features a relatively expanded rear shelf. Its wide base provides stable mounting and adequate storage for all riding needs.

Rear Tail Light

Original: The original DUOTTS C29 lacked a rear tail light.

New: The upgraded C29 lightweight electric bike features a rear blinker that increases road presence, allowing safer nighttime riding enjoyment.

New Features of the Upgraded C29 Electric Bike

Apart from the above enhancements and upgrades, the new DUOTTS C29 model introduces a couple of cutting-edge additions that take the functionality of this powerful eBike to new heights.

Bluetooth Connection

The upgraded C29 can now be connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can view basic e-bike information like battery status directly from your smartphone. Bluetooth also allows easy over-the-air software updates to keep your e-bike running with the latest performance optimizations.

App Connection

With APP connection, you can now check battery life, mileage, trip stats, and more from across the room before heading out. Push notifications keep you updated on service reminders and safety alerts. The app elevates DUOTTS C29 riding enjoyment through effortless insights and customization.

Start Your Journey with Upgraded DUOTTS C29

Overall, the upgraded DUOTTS C29 packs even more power and technology into its lightweight yet durable frame. From long-lasting battery to hassle-free app integration, it offers everything you need in a high-performance electric bike. Best of all, though packed with new additions, its affordable price remains the same – making it a steal deal for any rider. Whether your needs include exploring the great outdoors or venturing off on long-distance joy rides, the revamped C29 guarantees an effortless experience every time. With upgrades that enhance every aspect of the ride, from comfort to connectivity, it truly elevates electric cycling to new heights.


At DUOTTS, we are dedicated to providing electric mobility solutions and enhancing human potential through innovative cycling technologies. Visit our website to learn more about this newly upgraded iconic ride or browse our other top-rated electric bikes.

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