Electric Scooter

    DUOTTS scooter with unique patented shock absorption technology, more smooth acceleration experience, more stable braking system, giving you a more advanced driving experience.

    The Knight's Best Choice.


    A lightweight and agile scout, effortlessly gliding like the wind, weaving through the city with ease.

    Aluminum alloy body, balancing strength and flexibility, with front and rear motors delivering 3600 watts powered by a 24Ah battery. In the realm of lightweight skateboards, it stands out, combining power and endurance. Exceptional climbing ability opens doors to diverse exploration. The fusion of 11-inch off-road tires and front/rear suspensions ensures superior stability. Choose D66, embrace the freedom of riding the wind.


    An outstanding electric skateboard, with beast-like power performance, conquering various terrains.

    Equipped with a total of 5600W motors in the front and rear, providing exceptional power and climbing capability, like a tiger navigating through the forest, a deer crossing rugged terrain. Perfect for explorers, the 38Ah battery offers extended range for your journeys. Front and rear spring shock absorbers ensure safety during extreme challenges. Choose D88, choose a ride that's as wild as a beast.


    The king of riders that emerges out of nowhere, the conqueror king, stronger, faster, and more fierce than ever before.

    Equipped with a 6000W motor and a 42AH battery, it creates an unparalleled power system. The 13-inch vacuum tires possess remarkable hardness and structure, providing excellent support and suspension for riding, while also featuring puncture and explosion resistance to ensure a stable ride. With overall dimensions of 132*63.5*140cm, it is suitable for heights ranging from 150cm to 200cm, catering to riders of various body types. Choose the D99 and embark on your journey.